Joint Technical Skills Exercise - Swiftwater & Rope Teams

On Tuesday, we ventured off to just north of Mission where both our rope team and SRT team worked together in joint scenarios. Joined by the rest of the GSAR team, throw-bagging and downstream containment were things that were also practiced. This particular spot was a low-risk area where we were able to really focus on the more technical and worry less about the quick moving water. 

The use of a tensioned diagonal with a tagline was used to carry our subject out from where he simulated a suspected C-Spine injury. From anchor to anchor, there were a few natural obstacles for which we needed SRT members to vector the line in order to pass through with our subject snag free. We practiced different types of extractions, releasable securements and rotated through how many attendants were necessary for each different scenario. 

More times than not, people are always so shocked at the amount of time SAR Teams dedicate to training each month. It’s the never-ending variables involved with a rescue that is always pushing our team to train often and effectively. Furthermore, training allows us to to learn from our mistakes, try new techniques and build on our skills so that when we get a call, we are fresh and ready to go.    

In the end, it was a great learning location. This was our team’s first time here and thanks to @MSAR for the assistance, the night went off without a hitch. Everyone walked away from the night well learned and well practiced.